After researching locals schools I found PA was the most professional friendly and fun, my daughter loves dancing here so lets take up more lessons! Teachers and class assistants keep us here they are friendly and motivating!

What a joy to have found such a wonderful adult ballet class in my area. Miss Rachel is an excellent teacher.  The class provides great music in a lovely studio. The class demonstrators are inspirational.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

We initially wanted a friendly recreational dance school for our daughter. PA has given us that and so much more!  Ophelia has blossomed. She has grown in ability and confidence and she is enjoying the challenges of festival competitions with very special friends. She has been given some amazing opportunities. Ophelia’s dream is to be a ‘fantastic dancer’. Thank you PA.

I visited 3 dance classes before coming to Pink Academy and I have to say that Pink Academy were by far the most professional, more welcoming and more organised than any of the others. It is great seeing so many dancers looking lovely each Saturday and not just the main organisers as it shows that you all enjoy being there as much as the children do.

Beaux Beasley – we joined PA as lots of people spoke very highly of the dance classes and teachers. Beaux loves it, she really enjoys her ballet and tap. That she will become a confident dancer.

Shafali (Avani mum) Avani was always fascinated by dancing, singing, acrobatics. Keeping all her interests in mind i decided to try PA. I feel it is one of the best things i have done. Apart from dancing she is learning how to present herself. Her confidence in herself is going up and she feels refreshed very happy and accomplished after every lesson. All thanks to the teachers.

Good communication, the classes available, professional friendly and fun!

Local to home, good lesson times and days prices are fair. Teachers are really kind and they help each child settle in and feel comfortable and part of the class.

Miss Rachel and the team are very supportive in my daughters dance opportunity they always make her feel she is part of the family, other parents here at PA are also very friendly. I would like my daughter to pursue a career in dance.

Great reputation! Hannah’s confidence rising regularly. Amazing teachers. Lovely girls who look after each other, & friends Hannah and I have made.

Ava loves dancing, PA is close to home. The staff and parents work as a team and are all lovely people. The standard of dancing is amazing with opportunities to perform in festivals and shows.

We joined as it was the most local school for us. We stay because of the team, standard of dance, the opportunities and girls who dance here and help.

We joined because Beth loves dancing and wanted to improve and progress to boost her confidence enabling her to compete. We stay because of the great teachers, fun team  and its great exercise. Ultimately Beth is improving and loving it!

We joined when my eldest daughter was 4 years old she is not 24 years old my middle daughter also passed through he school. We stay because of the people, dancing, fitness and fun!

My girls first saw PA dancers perform in Uxbridge.  They loved so much they joined. We stay because the teachers are great, the school gives great opportunities and the standard  is great! My girls and I have made great friends.  My girls dreams are to become great dancers.  All round great school with great teachers, who deliver great standard!

We joined as Kacie wanted to learn ballet and PA was local to us. Kacie stays because she absolutely loves it and she has made great friends.  She also loves the teachers! She loves taking part in the shows and festivals.  Kacie dream is to be a dance teacher at PA!

Ellie has been dancing at PA for 12 years and has gained a huge amount of confidence. The teaching is of a very high standard and she has made friends here.  Ellie has also gained her teaching qualification.

Ciara wanted to learn to dance and PA was local to us. She loves dancing at PA and has made lots of good friends who are all very supportive of each other!

I brought Betty to try  classes at PA as I previously danced for Miss Rachel many moons ago! Betty really enjoys it, its good exercise and an activity to look forward to each week, she has made lots of friends here plus the staff are supportive! Dreams are for Betty to carry on loving dance and continue dancing here at PA for many years to come. A big Thank you to all the PA team and the support!

At the age of 7 we joined PA because Shannon was a very shy little girl and I wanted to boost her confidence. Now, at 15 Shannon takes part in 6 classes a week, takes part in yearly shows, competes in competitions and is currently doing her teacher training. We stay because Shannon loves it! The teachers are great, the school is friendly, Shannon has made lots of great friends and the standard of dance is fantastic. As a parent I know Shannon is safe, which is so important at this age. Dreams for Shannon is to continue dancing at Pink and one day become a teacher. PA is a massive part of Shannon’s life! I have no fears, as long as Shannon is happy, I’m happy.

Lucy joined PA when she was 4 years old. She would dance around the house and so I decided to look for a local dance school, as I enjoyed dancing when I was younger. Lucy is now 17, so has been with PA for 13 years. She has progressed so much in that time and has recently qualified as a pre-associate teacher with PA. It is so much like an extended family and everyone gets on so well together. Why would anyone want to leave. Her dream is to continue with her teacher qualifications and to be dancing for years to come.

We joined PA through recommendation from a friend. My Youngest daughter is loving coming to the academy now and my oldest has just joined. I love the staff and girls in the classes are bubbly and fun too. My dream would be to have 2 twirly ballerinas and challenge myself to get my oldest girl Demi to dance. (Kerry Talbot)

We joined PA as Gabriela loves dancing. Its also a great exercise for her. We find the teachers and the staff to be fantastic and we couldn’t be happier. Dreams are for Gabriela to enjoy her class physically and emotionally through the process. We hope to bring Gabriela little sister to class very soon. (Gabriela Mum)

Matilda loves dancing around the house and when I saw PA I thought it would be a great place to start lessons. For Matilda to enjoy herself build confidence and make friend’s and have a hobby.

As a child i always loved ballet myself, i wanted to make sure my daughter did it and guess what Anisa absolutely loves it. She looks forward to it every week. She talks about Shannon all the time. Shannon has been a great buddy to her. She comes home and shows us what she has learnt. A big thank you to all the buddies, teachers and staff for a great experience.

Anisa Mum Punem.

As a mum i always wished i had danced. We only live up the road so you are our closest school my daughter loves coming here and i do believe it has helped her confidence massively to interact with other children. Thank you for all your help so far.

Abbie (Freya Grace mum)

We joined Pink Academy as it was close to home and had a great reputation. Beaux loves coming to her class and we like that they are structured and that we can see improvements each week. We hope that Beaux continues to enjoy her classes and learns to be a confident dancer.

Thank you for all the fun in Tiny Tumblers the energy and enthusiasm and the teachers are fantastic.

Tara, jasmine & Sasha mum.

Sonam Kakars Mum

Loving the new uniform and branding. Makes the school look very professional and the parents very proud to send our girls here. Thanks for everything.


Izzy really enjoys coming to ballet as she likes to be a ballerina. The staff are wonderful and very accommodating. I think it is really hoping to build Izzy’s confidence. I choose the Pink Academy by pure luck as I was looking for somewhere that took 2 years olds. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Maisie 4

I found out about Pink Academy as my niece has been coming, I  brought Maisie to build her confidence and she is really enjoying it.

Skylar Brill’s Mum

Skylar wanted to do ballet and tap, the girls seem lovely and welcoming. I want her to be happy and dance with no fears.

Carly Gibbs

We started at Pink so Robyn could learn ballet, socialise with other children and take part in an out of school activity. Robyn enjoys the dancing and it has given her lots of confidence. I want Robyn to enjoy dancing every week and for her family to watch her in the show.

Louise Robertshaw (Elizabeth’s Mum)

I joined the academy after seeing a tumblers class advertised.  We have only been coming for four weeks but Elizabeth loves Tumblers and spends the journey home telling me all about what they have done. I hope she continues to enjoy the class as it is really boosting her confidence.

Iyin David’s Mum.

Shannon has been a very good example for the girls  (as girls buddy) her hair is always perfectly done and always smiling and always ready to help. Good ambassador for Pink Academy

PA is the closest dance school to home for us and Viktoria learns new things.

Close to home so quick to get to saves time on travel and good pricing!

Its great exercise and holly says dance is the her most favourite thing to do and its close to home!

My daughters look forward to their dance classes every week they love it!

Teachers are lovely and really care! My girls both enjoy it at PA very much.

The teachers enjoy teaching and are very accommodating to different levels.

We were recommended by a friend, Bella loves coming here!

Dear Rachel and all at Pink. I am delighted with results of my medal test, many thanks for expert tuition and opportunity.  Would never have tried without your encouragement.

It has been our pleasure to attend your lessons and shows. I am particularly proud when I see my daughters dancing ballet or tap and enjoying music. Thanks to all those years of good and quality lessons.

We were blown away  by last nights show.
Being new to the Pink family we really didn’t know quite what to expect, and although Grace had shown us parts of her Gypsy dance it was difficult to imagine it as part of a bigger number. Well, we loved it! Grace had a fantastic time and we could see her smiling all the way through her dance. The fact that she won the Beale Family Ballet Award was the icing on the cake….we were all so proud of her, her dad even had a tear in his eye! Thank you for that, I know it will boost her self belief no end.
From the fantastic choreography to the amazing costumes and the great music choices it was a brilliant show. The quality of the dancing was exceptional and a joy to watch. You should, and I’m sure you are, be very proud of a great achievement.
Thank you so much!

Melanie X

It was great! It was so lovely to see Georgia on stage, she looked great! My daughter couldn’t take her eyes off her- she kept whispering in my ear “Georgia is my favourite” bless. The standard of dance is so high and the choreography was so varied and challenging. It was such a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening. All the girls have worked so hard, as have the dance teachers!! You have so much talent in your school – some of the littlies coming through are amazing!! It was very inspiring to watch. Congratulations.

Georgia’s dance teacher at school Miss Yalden

Thank you so much for inviting me to the school show! I was positively blown away by the standard and its so amazing to see how passionate and energetic everyone is! The technique of the students is also of such a high standard!

Indy Matharu

Judging by the applause and enthusiastic comments from the audience it was a great success.  You must be very proud of all your girls, they work so hard and really did fantastically. The whole team pulls together so well. Thank you very much for my cup too

Nicola Lowe

Congratulations on yesterday, you did an amazing job !  Our friends and family said it was a brilliant show.Thank-you so much for working so hard with us.We are super super proud of our Trophy. Good Luck at the festival !

Alison & Clair xxxx

Hi Rachel.

I know that Lauren came in to say goodbye tonight but I just wanted to say thank you for the last 12 years. It has been an honour to be part of the pink family. We will hopefully still come along and see you all in your shows but will be so strange not to see Lauren up there with you all. Thank you again for turning that very shy little 6 year old into the young lady she is today. She is going to miss you all as you were such a big part of her life. Take care.

Lots of love Amanda, John and family. xxx


I love the dance school and the environment in which we learn is phenomenal.  Dancing has helped shape who we are today.


Pink Academy is truly an inspirational school to be a part of. It doesn’t just teach you to put one foot infront of the other and move,  but how to express yourself through the most amazing way possible. It’s not just a ‘hobby’ for these girls they truly love to dance and that comes across and I’m sure will have come across to you all tonight. I loved every second I got with these girls as they’re aren’t afraid of a challenge, I’m sure I threw (and will continue to throw when I’m back!) all sorts of styles their way and they all took the challenge head on. This discipline and passion for dance has of course been passed down to these girls from the Principal Miss Rachel. She puts heart and soul into this school and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I’m so proud to be a member of this family and I thank Miss Rachel for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. I LOVE YOU PINK ACADEMY 😀

Laila Byatt

Loves her class, looks forrward to it every week, Miss Naita is great with the little ones.  Excellent class we love coming! Lailas mum


What makes Pink Academy so brilliant is it doesn’t matter if you want to become a professional dancer or if want to keep fit, or if dance is a hobby, there is a place for everyone! Dancing is such a huge part of my life and I’m sure everyone else’s, the pure dedication I see, not only from the pupils, but also the teachers and the parent is inspiring!  Pink isn’t just a dance school, it’s a family which I’m so grateful to be part of!

Pink academy is an inspirational dance school and im so excited to be a part of. Its like my second family, all these girls are amazing they’re like my little sisters. Miss Rachel is like my second mum always there when i need her. This show has been amazing! Thank you to every single person for all the hard work!


The dance shows are the best the atmosphere is amazing and it’s a joy to be part of.


Dance is like a second home and everyone is so friendly and family like. I love shows the most as ere are just having fun and enjoying the moment.


I enjoy coming here and helping out with the little ones.  I love that everyone is so friendly and close.


Ever since starting at pink academy from the age of 5 dance has been a massive part of my life and will carry on to be. Not only is pink a place for your dancing career to begin but it is also a second family to me and I’m so glad I’m apart of it. Pink academy aims for the best for the pupils with so many opportunities and I’m sure their is going to be many in the future and its helped  increase in my flexibility.  I have bonded withal the pupils like a family and I’m glad to be part of it.


I dance because I love it and I get to be myself.


I like dance and I am enjoying being put in to the older groups, makes me feel really grown up.

Charlotte Taylor age 5

I like to dance on the stage so I can see my family and friends

Ophelia Edgson age 7

I like to dance because it makes me happy

Ophelia’s Mum

Well worth all the effort – wonderful show!

Maya Gregory

I like to dance so I can twirl and spin

Tracy (Mayas mum)

Amazing show… Well done.

Dhiya age 5

Thank you I enjoyed the show.

Dhiya mum Sharmila

It was so much joy watching our daughter and really enjoyed the show.  It was a great opportunity to get to know the mums and other pupils.  Thank you Miss Rachel and Team!

Jodie Marsden

I like pink academy because the teachers are nice and I liek dancing. I think dancing is fun.

Abigail age 6 & Anglea Thompson

Abigail loves dancing and enjoys taking part and we have made some lovely friends.

Leona Betts age 6

I like the teachers Miss Rachel you are the best.

Jo Kirby

The show was wonderful, organised beautifully.  Hannah loved it and it gave her grace and confidence.  We cant wait for the next one in Feb 2015 xx

Mark Gregory

Love to dance 2014 was ACE loved the mad world performance it was my favourite great work everyone! Maya’s Dad

Swan Family

Love to dance 2014 The best show so far.  Fabulous standard.  The whole school put on  a great performance.

Nikki Betts (Leonas mum)

Leona loved the show and has been really excitied with all the dances especially frozen.  I have been really imporessed with the dancers and teachers performances and look forward to the coming year.

Ciara Hume

I like doing the shows because all the teachers help me and the other children.

Jackie Hume (Ciara mum)

Wow the show was fantastic.  All the girls wre great and very enjoyable to watch.  All the hard work paid off.

Kacie & Lorriane Smith.

The show was great and I was very proud to be part of it.

Lois mum

Brilliant, outstanding show really enjoyed it!

Justine & Ceris

Congratulations to Miss Rachel, staff and pupils at PinkAcademy , you have produced an amazing show, we’ve been entertained from start to finish. A special shout out to Lucy who put on a very professional performance!

Ceris Nanny

I couldn’t agree more. The most professional show we have ever seen! Brilliant!

Lauren Carter

Such a great show.

Dancing at PA has helped me to express myself and let go of my troubles. Everyone is so friendly and a joy to be around.

West family

The family have said this year’s PinkAcademy Show was the best ever! Fabulous dances, amazing costumes. An all round brilliant show. Well done to all the dancers you are all wonderful and should be so proud of yourselves

Heather (Marie Mum)

Really enjoyed show Bang Bang was great ! but Go is still my favourite amazing Sienna loved Frozen


Well done to absolutely everyone.

Ricky Moran

Thank you PinkAcademy  for letting me be part of your show (helping backstage).
Thought you were all fantastic over the two day and were very professional and all look great.
Love my time back stage boogying on my own and getting my hands stood on by the girls who were grabbing the guns
Thank you again for making feel welcome and making it a great day for me.
hopefully see you all for next years show

Well done to everyone at Pink Academy for another spectacular show this year – Teachers, Staff, Pupils, Mum, Dads, Grandparents……… everyone. 🙂

Stu – Wizard Video filming company

Your show came out well, I’m sure you and your students will enjoy watching the DVD.

You seem to be a good, young school with some enthusiastic students. Good singers too.

Looks like you have plenty of potential to nurture there.

Helllooo Rachel….. OMG I miss You guys sooo much… wish i was back there again!!! … say hello to everyone for me……