Festival Locations.
Ealing Festival- April
St Benedict’s School, 54 Eaton Rise, Ealing W5 2ES
Maidenhead Festival – October
The Desborough Suite
Park Street, Maidenhead , SL6 1RF


Solos, Duets, Trios. 


What are Festivals  To perform in front of an Adjudicator against other students and Dance schools. To receive comments and marks on your ability and style of dance.

Benefits of entering Festivals – The main purpose is educational. To provide an opportunity for good amateur dancers to receive the judgment of eminent professionals, to gain experiential knowledge, to benefit from seeing others taking part, to develop their confidence by demonstrating their artistic abilities before both critical and appreciative audiences, and it improves standards all round.
Ballet Tuition – All festival pupils are required to attend at least one Ballet class per week.

Festival Rehearsals – Students must be committed to attending all rehearsals and events called.

Classes for Festivals – Pupils that are entering Festivals must attend festival open class for all ages on Fridays 5-6pm last Saturday before the festival. 

Private Lessons – Booked in advance via Office. Duration 30 minutes.. To be paid by the date stated on the invoice or a 10% late fee will be incurred. Fees are not refundable during any periods of pupil absence.

In the rare event of a private lesson being cancelled at short notice due to inclement weather, or other unforeseeable circumstances, we unfortunately still have to bear the cost of the teachers and the studio, so fees will not be refunded in these circumstances.

Choreography – Will be taught in private ½ hr classes only – no technique will be covered (as this will be taught in the additional classes). This then allows teacher to arrange either solo/duet/trio to be covered. It is the teacher’s decision as to what style, music and costumes are used.

Costumes – All costumes will be arranged by the teacher concerned and payment will be required in advance of ordering.

Hair & Makeup – Styles should be discussed with the teacher. Stage makeup foundation with dark blusher, eyes- brown and cream eyeshadow with black eyeliner and mascara, bright RED lipstick. Hair in neat bun (use of donut) unless advised otherwise

Festival EntriesAll festival pupils are entered into all festivals (as per signed festival fact sheet). Entries are submitted to each festival 3 months in advance of each festival. Please note: Refunds are NOT applicable at any time (festivals do not refund entries once paid).

Dancer withdrawn from a Festival – It will be at the Principal’s discretion to withdraw a dancer or dances from a Festival at any time.

Day of Festival – All students must arrive 2 hours before for groups and 1 hour for all other entries before their time slot at the festival and they must have costume/hair/makeup completed, by parent. Groups are to have the same makeup and hair. Parents/pupils to carry spare hair grips, hairspray, full stage makeup, safety pins, sewing kit for emergency repairs, tights and any accessories need for performance

Festival Music – Students/Parents are responsible for handing in music to the operators on the morning of the festival and collecting it afterwards. The CD is the responsibility of the parent/student and if they need a replacement this will cost £2.00 from the office.