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Dance should be fun as well as educational. We believe that every student who comes to class, whether it’s just for one lesson, or for the rest of their dance career, will leave having experienced the joy of dance, and be inspired for the future.


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  1. hello🙂 i’m really interested in dance and becoming a perfomer and i really like the look of your academy but i was just curious about the cost of each class and when the classes are?,

    hope to here from you soon,

  2. Hello Rachel
    Just wanted to say how lovely it was to see you again! Tilly is absolutely loving her dance class and practises all week doing tippy toes!! Your dance school seems very successful – you must be very proud. It must be a huge juggle with all those classes and festivals! Lorraine (Tillys mum) X

  3. Helllooo Rachel….. OMG I miss You guys sooo much… wish i was back there again!!!!!!!1 How is everything… how everyone’s okeayy… say hello to everyone for me……

    Byeeee… Chelsea xxx♥

  4. Well done to everyone at Pink Academy for another spectacular show this year – Teachers, Staff, Pupils, Mum, Dads, Grandparents……… everyone.🙂

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