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Miss Rachel – Founder-Principal

F.I.D.T.A, R.A.D, Degree

Miss Rachel established PA back in 1994 and has extensive teaching experience and now mentors teachers along with being an Ambassador for an International dance teaching company.

Miss Rachel no longer undertakes daily teaching work, however she is very much involved with the everyday decision-making and service development at PA.

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Miss Marie- Assistant Principal

A.I.D.T.A, Level 4 Diploma.

Miss Marie trained as a dancer and teacher at PA and has been teaching for over 7 years.

Her classes run daily in both recreational and competitive platforms.

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Miss Shannon- Preschool teacher


Miss Shannon is a  preschool teacher. Her classes run Saturdays along with private lessons.

Miss Shannon started teaching 2 years ago achieving her first teachers exam in 2017.

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Miss Annie- Ballet & Contemporary Teacher/ Administration

Miss Annie is a Ballet/contemporary teacher class on Mondays and Adult ballet on a Saturday.

Miss Annie started teaching in Italy then after relocating to UK, started teaching at PA last year.

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Julia- Administration/Accounts

Julia runs the onsite PA office Monday, Tuesday & Fridays. She has been with PA for over 16 years.

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Leona- Preschool Assistant

Leona is an assistant for preschool classes on a Saturday morning

Leona is a member of the junior competition group and has been training at PA since the age of 3.

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Kacie- Preschool Assistant

Kacie is an assistant for preschool classes on a Saturday morning

Kacie is a member of the junior competition group and has been training at PA since the age of 3.

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Nikki- Ambassador

Nikki is an ambassador here at PA and is here to help with any questions you may have.


Beatrice, Nikki, Carlie, Michelle, Joanne & Lorraine


Do you consider yourself a competent Dance Teacher who would love to take advantage of the newer and more creative ways of imparting the younger generation with some dance skills and creativity?

This year, Pink Academy of Arts is opening their doors to receiving more creative minds and dance teachers who are able to run with our ethos and join our community of staff members who have a shared passion for dance and music.

We are committed to creating a culture that is enriched by a diverse community of staff members who can commit to bestow confidence, and help to enhance the overall standards of all our students – personally and professionally.

One of the most exciting privileges of joining our team is that you get the opportunity to nurture and develop the artistic leaders of the future, which is what we have been doing over the past 24 years. We have been nurturing students in the best possible way with friendly and motivating teachers who can work as a team with the staff as well as with parents.

Our passion constantly finds expression every time we help our students experience joy and happiness, physically and emotionally, in all their dance classes.

We understand how easily creativity and dance thrive in a warm and friendly environment. The lots of ‘hellos’ across the corridor coupled with positivity in the form of smiles spread in the air attests to this fact, and in a very short span of time, you will be amazed at how easily you will feel at home with us.

Why not contact us today to become an integral member of the team? Only a few slots are available!

Please send your CV along with a head shot to