I am coming along/bringing my child for the first time, whats to be expected?

Please park in our FREE car park (avoid disabled bays). You will be greeted at the main entrance by one of our team.

We will ask you to fill in a registration from and read and sign our media release along with T & C’s. Your son/daughter or yourself will then be introduced to your teacher to then join in your chosen class.

What should be worn?

For trial dance lessons we recommend that you/your child wear clothes that allow comfortable movement. After the trial lesson on the 4th week, if you decide to formally register your child, the school’s uniform can be purchased directly from the school or please contact us for more details. 

How are fees charged? May I pay on a weekly basis?

We have a variety of options on how to pay for fees. We have a 1-4week trial that you are able to pay on a PAYG basis then after the 4 week trial we offer Standing order, termly and PAYG but please note this is a slightly higher rate. 

May I watch lessons?

We do not permit families to watch when the class is in action but we have doors in studio 1 with a glass panel to view and studio 2 has windows to view the class. We do hold parents peek week during the year.

Do pupils have to take examinations?

Examinations (IDTA) are offered to all pupils but are not mandatory. PA believes in giving pupils the opportunity to take part in examinations and to see the achievement and success when receiving their awards at our awards ceremony held at PA. 

What are the terms dates?  

Yes we follow school term dates. Please see link below of all our term dates. (Please scroll down to the very bottom of the page)