Wishing you all a very happy EASTER

Academy will close for Easter on 28th March. Classes resume Monday 13th April.

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Festival 7th – 11th April.

Awards and Photos – 18th April (please see notes below for your information) 

  • ALL pupils to attend even if they haven’t taken the exam – IN FULL UNIFORM and hair in bun.
  • Doors will open at 12.10pm
  • All parents/family members must sign in at door with staff for fire regulations.
  • Chairs are for adults only; children are to sit on floor in front of stage.
  • If all chairs are occupied then standing room only
  • No photos or videos to be taken by parents/family members.
  • All pupils will have photo taken with award and these can then be purchased at 3.00pm with the photographer
  • Whole school photo will be taken directly after the awards have been presented.
  • Wednesday Festival class will then have group photo taken and individual shots for the Aylesbury event in May.
  • Senior Group will then have individual head shots in own clothes and then group photo in full uniform and then each group dance costume. (Please remember to bring your make up trollies and costumes).
  • Please remember this is a FREE event to all members of PA.

Reminder: Seniors please bring your heels (New Yorkers/Character) along to classes for SHOW work after Easter.

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