WELL DONE to you all!

Well done to everyone that competed…IMG_0068

We were proud to see everyone had improved … keep up the hard work for our next one in Feb!

First Place

Sweeties group IMG_0051

Shannon Modern and Cup winnershannon modern cup

Lucy Ellie and Katherine Char trioIMG_0009

Kacie Tomiko and Leona TrioIMG_0059

Leah and Ellie Tap duet – Qualified all England (H)IMG_0065

Second Place

Ciara Modern solo

Shannon Song and dance

Cara modern

Shannon Ballet (H)

Frozen  & Go GroupsIMG_0044

Thrid Place

Georgia and Marie (Tap) tie with Ellie and Leah (Lyr) duets

Leah Shannon and Ellie modern trio

Leah and Shannon char duet

Papa and Blind groups

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