Dress Rehearsal for Maidenhead Festival

PLEASE ensure you have notified your teacher or office if you require your music on CD.

Friday 17th October 5-6pm

Tomiko – Character

Tomiko and Takara – Tap duet

Lucy Ali – Character

Leona Betts – Song & Dance

Charlotte Taylor – Song & Dance

Leah & Ellie – Lyrical duet

Saturday 18th October 2.30-3.00pm

Tap group

Friday 24th October 5-6pm

Ciara and Abigail – Modern duet

Ellie Furnell – Tap

Kacie Smith – Character

Leah and Shannon – Character duet

Leah Ellie and Shannon – modern trio

Leona, Kacie, Tomiko – Mouse trio

Tomiko – Modern

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