GREAT Festival Results !!!

MID BUCKS – Festival Brilliant results 

1st Place

  • Far from over senior Modern group
  • Blind – Character senior Group
  • Papa Classical Senior group
  • Leah Modern solo
  • Leah Lyrical solo
  • Shannon Ballet Solo
  • Leah and Ellie Modern duet
  • Leah and Ellie tap duet
  • Ellie and Leah Character duet
  • Leah West and Ellie Furnell – Inter Classical Cup
  • Leah West – Best Inter Performers cup

2nd Place

  • Sweeties Song and Dance Group
  • Maddie Modern solo
  • Leah and Ellie Lyrical duet
  • Eldeca and Shannon song and dance duet
  • Georgia Marie and Lauren tap trio
  • Katherine Lucy and Ellie – Character Trio


3rd Place

  • Lucy Greek
  • Kacie modern solo
  • Leah Ballet solo
  • Ellie and Leah song and dance duet
  • Shannon Leah Ellie Modern trio


4th Place

  • Frozen Lyrical Group
  • Shannon Tap solo
  • Shannon Modern solo
  • Eldeca and Shannon Character duet
  • Kacie Ballet solo



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