Festival Results

Well done to everyone that took part pupils, parents and teachers!


Inter. Cabaret Duet

Leah/Ellie – 2nd Place


B Modern

Leah West – 2nd place


Senior Modern Duet

Katherine/Elise – 2nd place

Inter. Song Trio &Inter. Classical Trio

Shannon/Eldeca/Katie – 3rd place


Inter. Song Duet

Shannon/Eldeca – 2nd place


A Tap

Katie Repper – 1st Place


Inter. Cabaret Trio

Eldeca/Shannon/Katie – 3rd place


A & Baby Classical Free Expression

Eldeca Marczin-Bundy – 2nd Place


A & Baby Modern Free Expression

Eldeca Marczin-Bundy – 2nd place


B & C Modern Free Expression

Shannon Herrington – 1st Place


D & E Modern Free Expression

Marie Beveridge – 2nd Place


D Modern

Elise Poore – 2nd Place


Senior Cabaret Group

Go – 2nd place

Wings – 2nd Place 


Senior Cabaret Trio

Katherine/Lucy/Elise – 3rd Place

A Song & Dance

Eldeca – 2nd Place


A Modern

Valerie Talpa – 2nd Place

Katie Repper – 3rd Place

Eldeca Marczin-Bundy – 1st Place


A Ballet

Eldeca Marczin-Bundy – 1st Place


Senior Classical Group

Passion – 2nd Place


Junior Song Group

Sweeties – 2nd Place






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