Revised Maidenhead Timetable


Please see below the updated timetable from Maidenhead. PLEASE note the changes hi-lighted in green.

I will also be doing the entries to Chesham in February half term over the next couple of weeks, if a pupil cannot attend this festival due to other circumstances, please let me know by Saturday 15th October

Maidenhead Dance Festival Timetable 2011
Tuesday 25th October

9.30-10.00 Inter Classical Duet

Leah West/Ellie Furnell (char)

10.00-10.15 Junior Cabaret Trio

10.15-10.20 Inter Song Trio

10.20-10.40 Junior Classical Quartet

10.40-11.00 Inter Song Duet

11.00-11.15 COFFEE

11.15-12.10 Junior Classical Duet

Emily Fletcher/Cara Jephson (Char)

12.10-12.40 E National

12.40-1.10 B Tap

1.10-2.10 LUNCH

2.10-2.40 Senior Greek

2.40-3.45 C Modern

Katherine Marks (lyrical)

Sorcha Browne (lyrical)

Lucy Ali (lyrical)

Elise Poore (lyrical)

3.45-4.30 E Character

4.30-5.00 C Song and Dance

5.00-5.20 B Character

Shannon Herrington (char)

5.20-5.50 BREAK

5.50-6.20 E Ballet

6.20-7.00 C National

7.00-8.00 E Modern

Wednesday 26th October

9.00-9.30 Senior Classical Trio

9.30-10.15 Junior Cabaret Duet

Madeleine Swan/Keira Herrington (Mod)

Shannon Herrington/Keira Herrington (mod)

Lily Hayers/Elena Manchorova (Mod)

10.15-11.00 Senior Classical Duet

Jordan West/Marie Beveridge (Char)

11.00-11.15 COFFEE

11.15-12.00 D Character

Marie Beveridge – Char

12.00-12.15 Baby Modern

12.15-12.50 A Ballet

Eldeca Marczin-Bundy (Ballet)

12.50-1.10 Inter. & Senior Quartet

1.10-2.10 LUNCH

2.10-3.10 D Modern

Marie Beveridge (mod)

3.10-3.40 A Character

Katie Repper (Char)

3.40-4.30 D Ballet

4.30-5.00 A & Baby Tap

5.00-5.30 BREAK

5.30-5.50 Senior Cabaret Trio

Jordan West/Alice Obergan/Marie Beveridge (mod)

5.50-6.10 Junior Song Trio

6.10-6.30 Inter Classical Trio

6.30-6.50 Senior Song Duet

6.50-7.15 Inter. Cabaret Trio

7.15-8.15 Senior Cabaret Duet

Sophia John/Lauren Carter (Tap)

Sophia John/Lauren Carter (modern)

Marie Beveridge/Chloe Moss (mod)

Marie Beveridge/Jordan West (mod)

Thursday 27th October

9.00-9.30 Junior Classical Trio

Eldeca Marczin-Bundy/Shannon Herrington/Katie Repper (Char)

9.30-10.15 Inter Cabaret Duet

Georgia Kemp/Alice Obergan (mod)

Lucy Ali /Sorcha Browne (mod)

Lucy Ali/Sorcha Browne (Lyrical)

Leah West/Ellie Furnell (Mod)

Katherine Marks/Chloe Moss (mod)

10.15-10.40 Junior Song Quartet

10.40-11.00 Senior Song Trio

11.00-11.15 COFFEE

11.15-11.40 Junior Cabaret Quartet

11.40-12.10 D National

12.10-12.30 Junior Greek

Elise Poore (Greek)

Katherine Marks (Greek)

12.30-1.00 D Song and Dance

1.00-2.00 LUNCH

2.00-2.40 C Character

Sorcha Browne (Char)

2.40-3.20 D Tap

3.20-4.10 C Ballet

Lucy Ali

4.10-4.50 B Modern

Shannon Herrington (mod)

Chloe Moss (lyrical)

4.50-5.20 C Tap

5.20-5.50 BREAK

5.50-6.30 B Ballet

6.30-7.00 Senior Classical Group

7.00-7.50 Junior Classical Group & Inter Classical Group

7.50-8.10 Senior Song Group

Friday 28th October

9.30-10.00 Junior Song Duet

10.00-10.30 E Tap

10.30-11.10 A & Baby National

11.10-11.25 COFFEE

11.25-12.10 A Modern

Eldeca Marczin-Bundy (mod)

Katie Repper (mod)

12.10-12.30 Baby Song and Dance

12.30-1.10 E Song and Dance

1.10-2.10 LUNCH

2.10-2.40 B National

2.40-3.20 A Song and Dance

Keira Herrington (S&D)

Eldeca Marczin-Bundy (S&D)

3.20-3.40 Baby Ballet

Lily Poore (Ballet)

3.40-4.15 B Song and Dance

4.15-4.30 Baby Character

4 30-5.00 Junior Song Group &

Inter Song Group

5.00- 5.30 BREAK

5.30-6.20 Junior Cabaret Group &

Inter Cabaret Group

Pencil Full of Lead

6.20-6.45 TROPHIES

6.45-7.30 Senior Cabaret Group


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