BUCKS Festival Timetable

Bucks Festival of Dance

Sunday 24th July 2011

Programme of Events

Junior – 9 years and under;  Inter – 10-12 years;  Senior – 13+ years


9.00am                                 Novice Solo Junior           (Ballet/Demi, Character/Modern,  Song & Dance)

9.25am                                 Novice Solo Inter             (Ballet/Character/Modern)

9.40am                                 Novice Duet Junior          (Ballet/Character/Modern)

Novice Duet Senior         (Song & Dance)

9.55am                                 Character Duet Senior

10.00am                               Ballet Solo Junior

10.20am                               Ballet Solo Inter

Ballet Solo Senior

10.35am                               Modern Trio Junior

Modern Trio Senior

Character Trio Junior

Character Trio Inter

Tap Trio Senior


10.50am – 11.05am         Tea Break


11.05am                               Tap Solo Junior

Tap Solo Inter

Tap Solo Senior

11.25am                               Tap Duet Junior

Tap Duet Inter

Tap Duet Senior

11.40am                               Modern Solo Inter

12.00pm                               Song & Dance Solo Junior

Song & Dance Solo Inter

12.25pm                               Character Solo Senior

Character Solo Inter

Character Solo Junior

12.50pm                               Greek Solo Inter

Greek Solo Senior

1.00pm                                 Modern Duet Inter


1.15pm – 2.15pm             Lunch


2.15pm                                 Lyrical Duet Junior

Lyrical Duet Senior

Modern Duet Senior

Character Duet Inter

2.30pm                                 National Solo Junior

National Solo Inter

2.40pm                                 Lyrical Solo Inter

Lyrical Solo Junior

Lyrical Solo Senior

3.05pm                                 Modern Solo Junior

3.30pm                                 Modern Solo Senior


3.45pm – 4.00pm             Tea Break


4.00pm                                 Character Group Senior

Modern Group Junior

Lyrical Group Senior

4.20pm                                 Modern Duet Junior

4.35pm                                 Modern Group Inter/Senior

4.50pm                                 Winners Section (80 marks and above)

5.50pm                                 Cup Presentation

6.15pm                                 Close

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