Event Pippins School – Sunday 10th July

Pippins School is a small junior school in Colnbrook Village and on Sunday July 10th they are holding their annual Summer Fayre/Family Funday.  We  have been asked to perform on the day and also have the opportunity of a small stall.

We will require committee members to help man the stall from 11.30am onwards, please confirm with the office that you are able to help out.
Listed below are the pupils we would like to take part in the dance display, they will be required to arrive at 1pm in full make up, hair and costume

Running order


  1. Jordan Alice and Marie
  2. Katherine and Chloe – Modern
  3. Keira and Maddie – Modern
  4. Leah and Ellie – Modern 
  5. Elise – Modern
  6. Chloe and Marie – Modern 
  7.  Shannon & Keira Duet
  8. Sorcha – Modern
  9. Iveta – Modern
  10. Shannon – Modern
  11. Chloe – Modern
School Address is
Pippins School
Raymond Close
Rodney Way

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