Feast of St Peter Event – 25th June 2011

Pupils/Parents, I am delighted to announce that we wil be participating in the Feast of St Peter on Saturday 25th June.

Listed below are pupils who will be participating in the event, all other pupils/parents are invited to attend the event to support our pupils.  As the event takes place during Disco class we will be taking these pupils as part of a fun school outing.

The event is being held at Gold Hill Common in Chalfont St Peter. Pupils listed below will need to arrive at Denham community centre by 11.30 in full costumes/hair and make-up and we will then leave to go to the event.

Alice, Marie and Jordan – Mordern Katherine and Chloe – Modern Keira and Maddie – Modern Leah and Ellie – Modern Eldeca and Daisy – Modern Hannah and Jordan – Modern Chloe and Marie – Modern Sorcha – Modern Iveta – Modern Shannon – Modern Eldeca – Modern Chloe – Modern

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