Well done to all our pupils and teachers in training that took their IDTA exams this weekend.  Miss Straw was lovely and made everyone feel at ease.   She commented on how lovely our school was (makes me proud) Im sure we will all be delighted with the results.

Remember to spread the word about our FREE Open day please! Registration station will be available and when you sign up you will receive a goody pack .  Also refreshments and raffle.

We will now be working towards our RAD Eaminations in Mondays Ballet classes – very exciting!!!

Also our own BUCKS Dance festival – Im so pleased to say we now have 6 schools participating and things are moving along nicely.  Our committee members are:

  • Juia Ali (Manager)
  • Tracy Burgess
  • Hannah Panksztelo
  • Annette Panksztelo
  • Ruth Bundy
  • Gary Herrington
  • Denise Herrington
  • Rose Marks
  • Kim Furnell
  • Clare Moss
  • Terri West
  • Jordan West
  • Jackie Repper
  • Helen Hayers
  • Dawn Kirkley

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