Festival dress rehearsals – Saturday 19th Feb -3-6pm

We will run all…………

  1. Solos
  2. Duets
  3. Trios
  4. Groups

Make sure you all have warm jumpers – the heating has broken in the studio at Fitness first!!!!!!!!!!

Remember all your costumes with full Hair and Make- up!

You will be given your music on CD with your section code/name and number in the section.

See you then….very exciting getting close now!

DONT FORGET – all festival routines are entered in Aprils festivals and then into our OWN festival

Bucks festival 24th July (as per last post).

Additional groups along with new entrants will be entered into Bucks festival….

  1. Forget You (Disco pupils) Costume: Catsuits worn for finale in show – black and white foil catsuit.
  2. Classical Ballet group – TBC

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