Miss Rachel and teachers that teach festival work are happy to introduce new pupils and new routines to pupils that already participate in festivals.

This means we are offering pupils that do not currently compete to come forward and try out the festival world.

It is hard work challenging and requires dedication but so much fun and most importantly improves standards all round without fail.

Please do ask any parent or member of staff how it works and I’m sure you will be informed it’s a very positive experience for any budding student with dedication and drive to improve move forward and achieve more in the dance world.

We can now offer you all the opportunity of participating in your own academys festival called BUCKS festival to be held on 24th July. This will offer sections for both novice (absolute beginner) and open (for those that have experience) sections. So best of both worlds.

Give it a go. You will be glad you did!!!

For more information please see Tracy or julia.

Thank you very much and keep dancing!

Rachel Kemp

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