Show PULSE – Running Order

Lets get excited
Morning Person
Festival – Lucy and Sorcha
Festival – Marie Beveridge
Dancing Dan and Let yourself Go
Festival – Katie and Melissa
Me and My Teddy Bear
In for the Kill
Festival – Leah West
Mad World
Higher Ground
Dan – Magic 

Festival Solo

Festival – Marie and Chloe
Point Solo
Fly to your heart
Festival – Talia Cloherty
District 9
INTERVAL – 20mins

Second Half
Cell Block Tango
Festival – Carolyn Gordon
Victoria Contemporary Solo
Festival – Sophie Huggett
Festival – Talia, Lucy and Sorcha
Festival – Chloe Moss
Festival – Sophie and Iveta
Festival – Jordan West
Chariots of Fire
Festival – Eldeca Marzcin Bundy
Dirty Diana
Festival -Sorcha solo
Street Medley
Festival – Black n Gold
Festival – Valarie Talpa
Festival – Shannon Herrington
Happy Days/ Sister Act

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