Festival bookings

To all festival pupils taking part in the October festivals
Rachel has booked Fitness First on Saturday 16th October 3pm to 5pm for a dress rehearsal,  ALL PUPILS for the October Festival are required to attend this rehearsal.

New Private Lesson Dates Available
The office is now ready to start taking bookings for private lessons from 1st November 2010, please ensure you book your lessons as soon as possible to enable the office to ensure all festival pupils are able to fit in their weekly lessons each week.

Below we have shown a break down of the up and coming festivals and the number of classes that are available between each festival, which we hope helps to show why it is important that we continue to book the private lessons each week.

Also detailed below is the latest information of which teachers are available on what days/times and which teacher you will need to book your private lessons with.
Please note if you have any difficulty re dates/times for your lesson please let the office know.

October – festivals x 2 – Isleworth/Maidenhead
November festival x 1 – Hounslow
December – closed month
January – 4 wks of privates
February 3 wks of privates (1 wk half term)
March 4 wks
total = ONLY 11 lessons – for new pupils and new routines

April festival – Slough/Ruslip
May – 3wks of lessons
June – 4 wks
July  – 4 wks
Aug – closed
Sep – 4wks = total 15 lessons
October – festivals x2
November x1
December – end of year

Hany – 2 slots

Thursdays 5-6pm will be private lessons with
Iveta lyrical solo
Alice – funky street solo
Dee – 8 slots
Mondays 4-7pm
Thursdays 6-7pm
Katherine lyrical solo
Marie modern/lyrical solo
Georgia song and dance solo
Elise lyrical solo
Talia character solo
Jordan tap solo
Chloe, Katherine and Talia Trio
Natalie – 2-4 slots
Wednesday 4-6pm
Hannah – 13 slots
Fridays 4.30-7.30
Saturdays 9.30-1pm
Shannon – mod
Katie – Char or Mod solo
Chloe Lyrical mod solo
Sorcha Mod solo
Helen – char/ballet solo
Eldeca – mod solo
India – Char solo
Madeline/Keira – char duet
Emily/Cara – char duet
Rachel – 7 slots
Thursday 4-5pm and cover hour 5-6pm if neeeded
Friday 4.30-5pm
Saturdays 1.15-2.15/ (5-6pm – FF)
Lucy Ballet solo
Marie/Chloe duet
Lucy/Sorcha char duet
Leah/Ellie – char/ballet duet
Trio – TBC
Georgia and Alice duet
Sorcha – lyrical solo
Groups in class
District 9 Seniors – Wednesdays – Rachel
Cell block tango – ” – Natalie
New group – Seniors — Rachel
Junior lower group – Wednesdays class 4-5pm Rachel
Please note that all new festival pupils will need to register and attend the festival classes as outlined on our timetable.  Lower school pupils need to attend the  class on Wednesday 4pm to 5pm.

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