Important notes our Show PULSE

Do’s and Don’ts for Beck Show

  • If you put your name down as a dresser, you will be dressing other pupils not just your own
  • All pupils need to wear full stage make up (i.e. foundation, blusher, brown eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick.) Boys need to have foundation and blusher.
  • Hair must be in a bun with no fringe and no coloured hair bands. BOYS – hair must be off the face.
    Pre-Juveniles need half up half down with curls.
  • No jewellery (including earrings).
  • No chocolate, fizzy drinks or colouring pens are allowed incase they get on the costumes.
  • No one is permitted to watch dress rehearsal on 24th or 29th October.
  • Pre-Juveniles/Preps/Primary’s can purchased a ticket to watch after they have performed at a reduced rate.
  • Please check the Costume Show folder kept on the table with the noticeboard for other items of clothing which are not included in your hire form that you may need to supply (i.e socks, tights etc).
  • Please check the noticeboard weekly for updated information on the show.
  • Rehearsal times are displayed on the board and the pupils will be required to turn up a least an hour before their time slot but not before 11.30am.
  • Dress rehearsal will be different timings as this will run in the order of the show Dressers/Pupils will need to arrived at 10am and will be finished at 4pm. This is held at Uxbridge College in Uxbridge.

    Entrance (arrival)- via ‘Gating Way’ONLY (this the road where the new leisure centre is.  Not the main entrance from Park Road- as per last year)

    Exit (end of day)- Main entrance via Park road

    Car parking – same car park as last year (by sports hall)

    From car park to building – By foot – Everyone must walk round from car park to main Uxbridge college entrance. Once in building (foyer/reception area) the (blue) door will be open for our access. Turn immediate left brings you to a main white staircase – turn left.

    This is the Eating area – Lunch, please provide all with packed lunches. The cafes will be closed. Here are (white) double doors – this is the exit to the main sports hall for the cast (no parents).

    No outdoor shoes or tap shoes are permitted in the main hall area…..

Jazz or Ballet shoes to be worn for tap routines and all to wear outdoor shoes and then change into dance shoes once they get to the hall – Dressers MUST be aware of this.

Beck Theatre

  • If you are not dressing you will need to collect your child promptly between the performances to take them up to the main foyer, hot and cold food is available, Beck Theatre does not permit take-away foods (i.e. MacDonald’s) to be brought onto the premises. If you wish to take your child out for lunch they MUST be back at the Theatre by 6pm the latest. The Pre-Juv’s do not have to stay for the finale, but it would be nice if they can.
  • Pupils are not permitted to walk around the front of house in costumes at any time.
  • Costumes must be carried in dress covers/bags to and from the dress rehearsal and show.
  • On the Show costume invoice you will note the deposit had to be paid in cash and this will be returned to you when the costume is returned clean and undamaged on the date provided which is 6th November between 12.30-2pm. Returns will only be accepted on this date. We cannot accept returns during classes as the office is too busy.

Running orders to follow………………

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