Wanted to share this with you all x

I have been part of pink academy for only 4/5 months… but it feels like so so much longer. You and the girls really made me feel part of the family and i will always love everyone of you. i wish i wasnt moving so far away but i promise you… i will be back… every spare weekend i get 🙂 you have given me a confidence i never knew i had… you have made me feel like i am good enough and i can do anything i set my mind to and i thank you so much for that.
I truly am going to miss you all so so very much … georgia is a real credit to you… she is such a awesome little girl and i love her to bits.
You have done so much with your life and been so successful… you are an inspiration… you never give up and your always positive and rareing to go. i really admire you for that.

You are an amazing group of people at pink… and im so so glad i had the chance to be a part of it!

Thank you for everything Rachel… I really will miss you…. And i’ll ALWAYS ALWAYS be a Pink Girl at Heart!

Sally xxxxxxx

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