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We have a busy term ahead preparing for a number of pupils to enter festivals and our school show at the Beck Theatre, we would like to give you an up date of a few changes and other information
Thursday’s festival class which should run 7pm to 8pm will from the 9th September be finishing at 7.30pm, please note that the tap class in the small hall will continue to finish at 8pm.
We have again been asked to  perform at the Mall in Uxbridge on Sunday 19th September
Me and My Teddy Bear Pre-Juv Ballet
Festival – Katie and Melissa Katie and Melissa
In for the Kill Jnrs/Snrs Jazz
Festival – Leah West Leah West
Festival – Marie and Chloe Marie and Chloe
Higher Ground Disco
Festival – Eldeca Marzcin Bundy Eldeca
Street/Free Running Street/Free Running
Festival – Talia, Lucy and Sorcha Talia, Lucy and Sorcha
Festival – Shannon Herrington Shannon Herrington
Festival – Valarie Talpa Valarie Talpa
Lets Get Excited Snrs Jazz
Rehearsals for the above will be held at fitness first on Saturday 18th September 3pm – 5pm.  We will be asking for parents to help out on the day to escort the children etc.
As you all know our show is not far away now and all classes will be working on show routines, if you want to take part in the show but have not yet paid your costume deposit please ensure you pay now.
Please check the show folder and notice board in the lead up to the show, as things can sometimes change and this is the first place we will place new information. Please do ensure you let the office know if your child(s) name has been misspelt prior to the programme being drafted.
We would like to invite all new parents whose child has not taken part in a show or any parents who would like a refresher on what is involved in the show  to a meeting on Saturday 2nd October at 11am,  We will go over what is involved in the show and what you can do to help out.
Lastly as many of you are aware we would not be able to put on the show at the Beck Theatre without the help of parents back stage.  If you are able to help out at any of shows, please put your name down on the sheets on the notice board.

Dont forget to order your tickets online.

Please note:

No one is permitted to watch rehearsals (this includes pupils) and you MUST purchase a seat/ticket for cast (pupils) after they have performed to entitle them to watch theremaining of the show.  This will avoid them getting too hot and bothered back stage.


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