GREAT NEWS…..The Mall – Uxbridge (Pavillions) & Pink Academy

Great News!!!!!

After our meeting with the Pavilions (The Mall) Uxbridge Management, we (Pink Academy) are now affiliated to the The Mall.

This means they will advertise/ provide paraphernalia: Posters, flyer’s, stands, display stand, pop up stands, provide dance space in the centre of Pavilions and even provide a shop for us to display our product’s PR material to create a show window displays.  They also have given us allocated space to canvas (give out promotional material ie: flyer’s etc).

In return they have asked if we can be present at all events throughout the year and display our routines and provide entertainment to the passing public. Their footfall is approx 180,000.  They have asked us to supply Cheerleaders*

They have asked me to arrange a huge Talent Show for public, with all our pupils to be involved …. this will be a very large event, my aim is to invite the local media.

I will hold auditions with the The Mall Manager.

Both parties have will remain loyal – meaning no other dance club/school will  perform in The Mall only ‘Pink Academy’ and we have to ensure we provide them with shows and entertainment as and when they call upon us.

Confirmed bookings to date are as follows:

  • Talent Show
  • Show – Beck theatre routines.
  • provide Cheerleaders and Dancers for an up and coming promotion (Feb) of Reward cards for shoppers*
  • Weekends of demonstrations (festival pupils) and Instructors hold live classes/workshops
  • New store Openings
  • Christmas show

Elite group –

Siobhan Sebastien
Kelly Bennett
Jordan West
Hannah Pansktezlo
Iveta Pilipaviciute
Charlotte Castle
Sophie Huggett
Marie Beveridge

will perform all routines and festival pupils perform their routines.

Charlotte/Adele – would like you to sing both your solo pieces.

Parents/pupils would like you all to come along to support our events & support the school.  Please start putting the word out !!

Keep dancing !!! 🙂 🙂  🙂

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